Vision & Mission



To position science and technology as the fulcrum for social and change by supporting relevent, competitive and quality scientific research and development.



As the premier national research funding agency, raise the quality and footprint of Indian science and engineering to the highest global levels in an accelerated mode, through calibrated support for research and development.



Stimulating the search for new knowledge and encouraging invention, discovery, innovation and development by supporting bottom-up research competitively and at all levels of our research eco-system.

Support conceptually new directions, even when risky, but having the potential for nonincremental and transformative success. Strengthen deep-expertise in specific domains and link them through inter-disciplinary and multi-institutional ?top-down? programmes that address challenging national problems.

Develop funding programmes which connect with needs of our society and identify key scientific questions, both basic-science and application that have concrete societal value.

Launch and strengthen programmes to bring in researchers from under represented regions, weaker and marginalized segments of the society.

Realising the importance of gender parity, ensure that appropriate programmes pro-actively have mechanism to encourage enhanced and equitable representation of woman scientists.

Initiate and strengthen schemes that link teachers in colleges and resource-poor universities with opportunities in active research, thereby aiding in expanding the footprint of quality science. Through global bilateral and multilateral partnerships support collaborative topquality research in cutting-edge areas to ensure the speedy growth of quality science in India.

Scout, mentor, incentivize and reward exceptional performers, teams and institutions.

Show unstinted commitment towards science by constantly improving our methods and speed for research support, while ensuring the highest adherence to financial processes.

Recognising that all research support has at its base the development of quality, well-trained researchers; initiate and strengthen programmes of identifying research potential, mentoring, training and hands-on workshops, on a broad-based national scale.

Make SERB the vehicle of choice for all R&D funding agencies for their core programmes by developing inclusive processes and proactively synergizing with them for the requisite integration and consolidation of the research effort in Science and Engineering in the country