Young Scientists

Start-up grant for Young Scientists is restructured w.e.f. 1st September, 2015 into two new schemes:

(1.) Early Career Research Award (ECRA)

(2.) National Post-Doctoral Fellowship (NPDF)

No new proposals are accepted under the erstwhile YSS scheme. However, ongoing projects sanctioned and funded under the scheme will continue to avail grants as per the guidelines of SERB and complete their task and tenure. Except for Life Sciences, for all the other subject disciplines, the Member Secretary / Convenors of Early Career Research Award and National Post-Doctoral Fellowships will also be the contact persons for Start-up grant for Young Scientists (YSS).

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: Does SERB discriminate Project Investigators working in Private Universities/Institutions in funding ?

A1: No. SERB does not discriminate Project Investigators working in Private Universities/Institutions. Funding decisions are made based on merit of the proposal , competence of the Investigator(s), and the infrastructure available in the implementing institution, and not on the category of institutions the Investigator is working.

Q2: I have submitted my PhD thesis, but I have not got the degree yet. Am I eligible to apply for Young Scientist project?

A2: No. You should have at least provisional degree when you apply.