Year Of Science Chair Professorship (YOS)

The Year 2012 is recorded as the Year of Science (YoS) in commemoration of outstanding scientific contribution emanatingfrom Indian Science during the last 100 years. While Research and Development base in India is expanding, new measures are required to promote excellence in research in all areas of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM).In order to acknowledge the outstanding contribution of scientists and academicians to the cause of Indian science, the SERB has instituted and supported YoS Chair Professorships in the areas of STEM. The aim is to support outstanding scientists in India who continue to perform at highest level irrespective of age/ area of research/institution. These Professors are regarded as bench mark for stature, value and eminence in the international area.


To recognize outstanding contributions made by any of the Indian scientists towards excellence and highest impact in R&D in sciences at the national level as well as in the global context. This recognition is to impart rightful glory to the profession and should serve to elevate the aspirations of young and mid-career researchers.


  • The awardee should be a distinguished Indian scientist in any one or more areas of expertise in Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics, and Biomedical Research.
  • He/She should have made outstanding contributions in innovative research and science administration.
  • He/She should have an excellent track record as evidenced by the election to prestigious Science and Engineering Academics in the world and high impact publications, patents and recognition as distinguished contributor to the growth of science in the country.


  • Research grant of Rs.25.0 lakhs per annum and an honorariumof Rs.100, 000 per month will be given to each Fellow.
  • The research grant shall be used for manpower, equipment, travel (including international), contingency, etc.
  • The award will be given initially for a period of 5 years and is extendable through assessment based on the performance.

Who can nominate?

Past and Present Presidents of Science/Engineering National Academies or Year of Science Chair Professors, Directors of National Laboratories, Vice-Chancellors of Universities, and members of Science and Engineering Research Board.

Who can nominate ?

Past and Present Presidents of any of the national science academies (including Engineering, Agriculture and Medicine), Directors of National Laboratories, Vice-Chancellors of Universities and members of Science and Engineering Research Board.

Note : After the final selection, the selected Distinguish Fellow cannot defer joining the host institute (under formal guidelines) for more than a year.

Frequently Asked Questions

The programme is under revision.