Cell Tower and Mobile Radiation Program

A joint initiative has been launched with Department of Telecommunication, Ministry of Communication & Information Technology in campaign mode to study the possible impact of EMF radiation exposure from mobile towers and handsets. On life Humans, Living Organism, Flora & Fauna & Environment and related R&D initiatives on next generation technologies for environmentally benign solution for wireless and mobile communication.

A Committee of experts from medical, engineering institutes and various government departments was constituted for assessment and project evaluation. Under the programme, India specific studies aimed at generating scientifically credible data and evidence are supported. These studies should focus on hazard risk aspects of radiation taking into account population density; health risk quantification on human and other ecosystems. Scientific investigations are required to derive country specific norms and R&D solutions for mitigating the hazard potentials and health risks through innovations.

call will be made for the submission of next batch of new proposals under the Cell Tower Radiation programme at our website.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: What are the broad areas covered under this programme?

A1: a)To study the Possible Impact of EMF Radiation Exposure from Mobile Towers and Handsets on Life i.e. Humans, Living Organism, Flora & Fauna & Environmen.
b)Next Generation Technologies for environmentally benign solution for wireless and mobile communication.

Q2: What is the maximum duration of the ongoing studies?

A1: The duration of the ongoing studies is from 18 to 36 months.

Q3: Can we submit proposal jointly with another institute?

A3: Yes, you can submit proposal jointly with another institute.

Q4: Can we submit proposal now?

A4: No. A call will be made at our website www.serb.gov.in for submission of proposals.

Q5: What is the maximum amount of the grant the Board will fund?

A5: There is no upper limit (or even lower limit) for a project grant. The budget is decided based on the requirement for its successful implementation. The Investigator should propose a budget which is realistic taking into account the infrastructure and resources available at the implementing institutions.

Q6: Can I apply for a project under Cell Tower Radiation programme when I am already implementing another project (such as EMR) of SERB?

A6: This is a mission mode activity you can submit the proposal along with your ongoing EMR project, if any.

Q7: Does the Board allow to travel abroad under this scheme?

A7: :International travel is not supported under this Programme.

Q8: Does SERB discriminate Project Investigators working in Private Universities/Institutions in funding?

A8: No. SERB does not discriminate Project Investigators working in Private Universities/Institutions. Funding decisions are made based on merit of the proposal, competence of the Investigator(s), and the infrastructure available in the implementing institution, and not on the category of institutions the Investigator is working.