Project Title:  Taxonomic Revision and Cytological studies of the Tribe Maydeae (Poaceae) in India

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Dr. KumarVinod Chhotupuri Gosavi

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H. P.T. Arts and R.Y.K. Science College

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Sharanpur Road, Prin.T A Kulkarni , Vidya Nagar, Nashik, Maharashtra



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Tribe Maydeae described by Dumortier (1824) based on unisexual spikelets. The tribe is represented by 7 genera namely Tripsacum and Zea (distributed in new world); Chionachne, Coix, Polytoca, Trilobachne and Sclerachne (distributed in old world). Although tribe Maydeae is very distinct based on morphological characters, Kelloge (2016) merged whole tribe Maydeae in Andropogonae and genera Trilobachne and Polytoca merged in the genus Chionachne based on molecular support while Sorenge et al. (2017) treated all seven genera in separate three subtribes based on molecular support. The recent work by workers made more complex rather than solving problem of the tribe Maydeae. Therefore, present taxonomical work (including cytotaxonomy, caryopsis morphology, spikelet morphology etc.) will be solved such problem. Taxonomic revision of the tribe Maydeae in India is still remaining. Although cytological work on the genus Coix have been done by many workers but morphology wise and population wise work is still remain resulting taxonomic delimitation characters of the species of Coix have not understood well. Therefore the present proposed work will helpful to understand generic and species delimitation in the tribe and taxonomic valuable characters of the tribe.

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